Hi there,
I am a digital designer*
with heart and passion to work.

* I specialize in UI/UX, web, mobile, branding and print design

My knowledge and skills are the result of 13 years’ experience working with many people on a variety of many projects. My approach to every project is strictly individual, according to requirements, targets, strategy and the customer’s expectations. I have an open mind for new technologies in which I look for new opportunities and new solutions. I am constantly developing myself.

I have a particular perception of the world in which I see not only colors and shapes, but also functionality which is the essential key to every project.

The principle features of a successful project is not only proper appearance, but its usage its functionality and that it conveys the intended message.

In the interactive projects I place great emphasis on User Experience in order to work out the best possible accessibility to functional elements of mobile app’s and www services. The Human – Computer interaction is currently the key source of communication between user and digital product – the better it is and the more precise the more valuable the digital product will be.

What is my main Goal? I want to create digital products that are user friendly and that make the virtual world easier to us.

I had pleasure to work with:

DOW AgroSciences empik.com Narodowy Instytut im. Fryderyka Chopina Hocoma Infor Medicover bayer Briggs&Stratton domy.pl Edipresse Love Me Green Muzeum Narodowe Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego Ninateka Opera Narodowa Prudential Tele Magazyn T-mobile TVN Vision Expresse

...and many others.

So let’s talk